Learn how to drink until 4 a.m. (semi) responsibly!

Take a sip on some of grandpa’s cough medicine. Throw back a round of shots. Tell a long-winded yet heartfelt story over a pint of beer or six.

While many of your friends may try to impress you with knowledge of that one bar open all night, there are 146 establishments in Chicago waiting to stay up all night with you.

In the map, you can find the address of every bar in Chicago that keeps the liquor flowing until the wee hours in the morning. All information has been sourced from data.cityofchicago.org.

Yelp also provides a list of 4 am bars with ratings from other patrons who have similar night owl tendencies.

But all night drinker beware! There were 113 liquor license violations at bars and taverns in Chicago over the past calendar year. You can find each location that couldn’t handle their own liquor labeled with red location markers.

Liquor license complaints or reported violations can be filed with the city of Chicago through the city’s website.

Do you notice any surprises? If so, leave a comment!


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