Chicago baseball: Do White Sox fans feel hate or love for the Cubs?

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It will be a year forever etched into the minds of Chicagoans and baseball fans across the world. The Chicago Cubs won the World Series in 2016 and changed their franchise’s label from lovable losers to World Champions. The parade that followed was estimated to have drawn nearly five million people.

Chicago is a city with enough of a baseball fan base to support two teams.

What about the White Sox fans?

There has been a mixture of emotions from fans on the South Side. One White Sox fan said he feels much different about the Cubs than he ever thought he would. “It’s weird for me to say this since I grew up a White Sox fan, but I rooted for the Cubs to win the whole thing last year,” said Mark McLerney of Chicago.

“Seriously though I always hated those Cubs fans who try to act like they are better than you. How? They hadn’t won anything for over 100 years! But I started to watch the game instead of the fans because the baseball was good last year.

“The Cubs were a fun team to root for. I mean, come on. Nobody on that team was worth hating.”

That’s a familiar word heard when the White Sox and Cubs rivalry is discussed. Hate. But is it still prevalent? To some White Sox fans, Wrigley Field is seen as a place people go to party rather than watch baseball. Some Cubs fans look at Comiskey Park/ US Cellular Field/ Guaranteed Rate Stadium as a half-filled stadium where fans sometimes charge the field and punch coaches.

Is it hate? It doesn’t seem like it anymore.

“Yeah, I am a White Sox fan,” said Amanda Coords. She said she has been to every White Sox home opener for the previous six seasons, trying to prove her loyalty. Coords explained that her White Sox fandom has not gotten weaker, but she realized she was falling for the story of the 2016 Chicago Cubs.

“I also have a few Cubs shirts in my closet now. My boyfriend is a Cubs fan.” Coords went on to say she actively roots for the White Sox. She made sure to tell me they were in first place through the first month of the season. However, she still finds herself smiling when the Cubs win.

“It was really amazing watching the faces on all my friends who are Cubs fans after the World Series was over. Why would I want to still hate Cub fans? They just wanted to win,” said Coords.

There are some White Sox fans who still complain about Cubs fans. There are still Cubs fans who love to complain about White Sox fans. This rivalry also brews over to North Side versus South Side.

What can’t be argued is that everyone here shares a common bond.

They are all Chicagoans. And each team has their World Series win. As both teams sit in first place through the end of the month of April, the weather and the baseball chatter seem to be just heating up.


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