Is Radio at a Crossroads?

Video and article put together in collaboration with Emily Cosgrove. Find her work at Is Radio at a Crossroads? Over the years, the field of journalism has evolved immensely. There has been a dramatic shift from print to online publications. We have also seen the rise and supposed fall of radio. The truth is […]

Radio is Changing Right Before Our Ears

Radio. It ain’t what it used to be. From the appointment listening of fireside chats by President Franklin Roosevelt to on demand choices on your phone such as iHeartRadio, this medium has undergone some drastic alterations. Remy from the Mason, Remy, and Alabama Show on country station Big 95.5 WEBG in Chicago has been a […]

Don’t Worry. Be Happy! Find Your Gratitude.

Being happy starts with understanding what gives you that overwhelming feeling of happiness. It works the same with any emotion. You can be content to feel something and let it consume you, or you can understand that feeling and start to figure out how it happened. Gratitude is fascinating. Just sit back for five seconds and […]

Worry is a Useless Emotion

Worry is a useless emotion. I live by that quote, but I didn’t always. There is a path we are all told to travel in order to achieve “success” in life. Graduate high school Go to college Get your dream job Buy a house Get married Start a family Grow old That’s what our parents want […]